Free Spins: The Year’s Best Cash Spins

What are complimentary spins?

As mentioned above, the phrase ‘free spins’ has not always been utilized appropriately. Only a few years ago, a player would get an email offering ‘free spins,’ only to realize that the spins were not really free. They would have been bonus spins, which enable players to wager real money on a slot machine… Nevertheless, any winnings won via the spins would have come with heavy wagering requirements.

By contrast, genuine free spins are not subject to wagering restrictions, which means that any winnings you accrue are yours to keep (with the exception of winning limits, which we’ll discuss more below). As a result of UK gambling rules, tough restrictions have been enacted to guarantee that casinos present the necessary conditions when delivering free spins or bonus spins. This is only one manner in which the new compliance requirements have benefited gamers, since misleading promises of free offerings have mostly vanished.

To put it simply, what we refer to as ‘free spins’ nowadays are free opportunities to play a slot machine for real money, enabling you to retain any winnings. Often, the free spins will be played at the lowest available stake, which is roughly £0.05 or £0.10.

Different types of free spins

Although there are tight guidelines about what constitutes a free spin, casinos nevertheless have a few different ways to provide you the incentive. We’ll go through them immediately to ensure you grasp the distinction.

Different types of free spins

No-deposit free spins

Free spins no deposit is, in our view, the finest deal available. Often, casinos will include this as part of their welcome bonus since it allows players to test out the casino and one of their games to see whether they enjoy it. In some circumstances, all you need to do is register with a casino to get your free spins; no deposit or card information is required.

The disadvantage of no deposit free spins is that they are often for a modest quantity, such as five or ten free spins. The purpose of this promotion is to introduce you to the casino experience.

Spins for free when you make a deposit

Alternatively, casinos may sometimes offer you free spins when you make a deposit, whether it is a predetermined sum or any amount. The free spins remain same, but you will not see the promotion active until you make that deposit. You’re more likely to get a larger number of free spins with these deals, since the casino may feel more generous now that you’re a real-money player.

These are more prevalent than the former, and you may get them as part of the casino’s welcome package or during your gaming experience. For instance, when a new game is released, a casino may opt to reward you with free spins when you make a deposit.

Free spins with no deposit required

No-deposit free spins vs. No-deposit free spins

While both free spins offers provide you with free opportunities to win, they each have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, which you should be aware of before claiming anything.

Let’s begin with no-deposit free spins:


Pros Cons

There is no deposit required.

Frequently, lesser quantities

It’s an excellent method to test out a slot for free.

Possibility of possessing a winning cap

Simple to assert

You are not always able to choose the game.

How about free spins when you deposit? These are the kind of free spins promotions that you are most likely to encounter on a frequent basis. Consider the following advantages and disadvantages:


Pros Cons

Frequently, greater sums

To begin, you must make a deposit. Frequently, in addition to your deposited funds

You are not always able to choose the game.

Regularly available to both new and current players

Not every casino offers free spins.

Free spins with a higher value (Super spins, Mega spins…)

Occasionally, casinos will be too generous and provide Super Spins or Mega Spins – and occasionally, free spins with their own unique moniker. These are essentially free spins, but with a bigger stake, which increases your chances of winning. Often, casinos will provide free spins on the lowest available wager on a slot machine, which is typically £0.05 or £0.10.

On the other hand, Super Spins or Mega Spins will be worth much more. The wager may be as little as £1 every spin or as much as £100 per spin – it all depends on the casino. When you get an offer for Super Spins, Mega Spins, or anything similar, the casino will usually indicate the value of the spins. While they are not the most often received deals, they are certainly worth taking advantage of.

Mandatory wagering requirements

What’s the nicest part about free spins? NO wagering requirements apply!

We’ve already addressed wagering restrictions, which are a basic condition of many online casino bonuses. If you obtain an offer that has wagering restrictions, this implies that you must bet any profits or bonus money a certain number of times before making a withdrawal.

Previously, players would earn what we now refer to as bonus spins, and they would be ecstatic if they won… and then immediately dismayed upon discovering the money was not really theirs.

The good news is that this situation is no longer possible owing to UK compliance requirements, since free spins and bonus spins offerings are now properly labeled to prevent misunderstanding. Free spins have no wagering restrictions, which means you may keep all of your winnings.

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