Rugby Union Wagers

Rugby Union is a particularly popular betting market in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and it also retains a strong international following, with bookmakers offering a number of wagering options to accommodate different types of punters.



Rugby union has increased in popularity in recent decades with regard to online betting on rugby as a whole. Since then, both international and domestic leagues have acquired lucrative TV contracts, with networks willing to pay hundreds of millions of pounds for the opportunity of broadcasting the rapidly expanding sport. This has been matched by the expansion of rugby betting markets to offer full coverage of rugby union events, with options becoming increasingly sophisticated.


The Aviva Premiership continues to be the most popular English league, is watched by millions of rugby union fans across the world, and generates a significant share of rugby union betting. The annual Six Nations competition in February helps strengthen the rugby union betting market. There are hundreds of markets available for union, including outright wagers, statistics wagers, in-play wagers, and match wagers!

Recognizing Rugby Union


The game’s fundamentals are uncomplicated: Two 15-man teams compete for points through tries, conversions, and drop goals, which are worth 5, 2, and 3 points, respectively. Games can be hard-fought battles for the middle of the field, with each side unable to score more than 10 points, or they can be high-scoring, action-packed spectacles with cumulative team scores in the high 60s and 70s.


Aviva Premier League Wagering

Each season, 12 teams compete in the popular English domestic league, the Aviva Premiership. Leicester Tigers, Northampton Saints, and Saracens are among the best. These are often regarded as the “dominant” English teams, given they frequently reach the postseason. Bookmakers provide odds on a variety of wagers on the Aviva Premiership. Despite the sport’s English roots, the French Top 14 is often regarded as the greatest domestic rugby league, with Perpignan, Clermont, and Toulouse competing well on a consistent basis, hence limiting the availability of long odds.

International Rugby Bets


International rugby is a whole distinct animal. England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, and Italy engage in the annual Six Nations tournament, while Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and Argentina fight for the Rugby Championship. The World Cup is contested every four years, and there are numerous multi-nation tours, including the English and Irish Lions Tour, which is one of the most popular.


Tips For Rugby Union Betting

All of these various competitions provide enough opportunity for Rugby Union betting; similar to football, there is now a vast array of betting markets available for each match. The prevalence of handicap betting has increased, particularly in matches involving a world champion and an underdog. In games such as England vs. Tonga, value bettors are significantly better benefited by giving the weaker team a theoretical head start.

Another popular market is Winning Margin, which allows you to back a potential winner without having to settle for short odds. This means that if you believe a team will win by more than a specified margin, you can wager on this instead of the precise score or outright victory. Rugby union contributes more action and victories than a lot of other sports combined to the world’s great sporting legacy.



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