Slot Overview: Olympus, Zeus, and Megaways

Mount Olympus was the legendary abode of the Greek gods, the Olympians, and their king, Zeus, the god of thunder and lightning. Zeus’s might was legendary, and he continues to live on in the minds of people today, appearing in unexpected places like online slot machines. Olympus Zeus Megaways, from iSoftBet, depicts him prominently and combines a Classical theme with modern slot elements like Cascading Wins, Max Megaways, wild substitutions, free games with a rising win multiplier, and a colossal win ceiling.

Zeus, holding a lightning bolt ready to throw at any time, looms menacingly on one side of the game grid in Olympus Zeus Megaways. Thankfully, as we’ll see, whenever he does this in the game, it always turns out for the best. iSoftBet has cranked up its Ancient Greek set design skills to create an aesthetically pleasing ancient environment complete with ivy-covered columns, hazy mountains, and lovely sky for the remainder of the view. In comparison to iSoftBet’s earlier Ancient Greek Megaways game, Neptune’s Fortune Megaways, Olympus Zeus Megaways seemed more grandiosely presented, making it simple for Classicists to jump on board.

If everything checks out, dedicated gamers may get started by placing a stake of 20 percent to twenty pounds or euros every spin on whatever gadget they see fit. The slot’s arithmetic model is rather risky, with a 96% RTP in regular play and a 96.53% RTP when purchasing the Zeus Bonus, so players should arm themselves accordingly. In-play wagering makes use of the tried-and-true Megaways format, which consists of 6 standard reels and 1 horizontally-spinning bonus reel with 4 symbols for a total of 117,649 possible combinations. Due to the random nature of how many symbols appear on the central reels, the number can change with each spin.

When matching symbols fall from the first reel forward over neighboring reels, a win is awarded in Olympus Zeus Megaways. Each winning combination causes the corresponding symbols to disappear and be replaced by new symbols falling from above. When a win occurs on the upper reels, symbols from the rightmost reels move up to take their place. Cascades of fixes occur, and they stop when no more successes can be made. A payout of 0.8 to 1.75 times the wager is given for a winning combination across all six reels consisting of 9-A symbols, while a payout of 2 to 50 times the wager is given for a winning combination consisting of the lyre, lion, Pegasus, or Zeus. Wilds are helpful in that they may stand in for any other icon (with the exception of the Zeus scatter). When used alone, wilds have the same value as the top paying symbol.

Features of the Olympus Zeus Megaways Slot Machine

From a gameplay standpoint, Olympus Zeus Megaways isn’t exactly what you’d call an innovative slot machine. Slot classics like Max Megaways, wild substitutions, and expanding multipliers populate this game instead.

A. Max Megaways

The Max Megaways modifier can become active on any spin. When it occurs, the game grid will be compelled to generate 117,649 unique winning combinations.

Alteration of Zeus’ Wilds

Zeus’ thunderbolts can transform non-scatter symbols into wilds at any time during a spin. This occurs only on the very first spin, before any cascades, and always results in a payout.

Bonus Spins from Zeus

If you land 4, 5, or 5 Zeus scatters, you’ll win 12, 17, or 22 free games, respectively. When free spins are active, a multiplier for wins begins at 1. The multiplier is boosted by 1 after a cascading win, and it does not reset between free spins. Landing 3 or 4 Zeus scatters during the feature will retrigger the feature, awarding an additional 5 or 10 free spins. Zeus Wild Modifiers can occur during any free spin, just as in the main game.

Finally, if the bonus buy feature is available in your region, players may purchase at least 12 Zeus Free Spins for 75x their stake.

Judgment on Olympus Zeus Megaways Slot Machine

Zeus is credited with fathering a plethora of mythical figures, including Apollo, Helen of Troy, Artemis, Dionysus, Hermes, Perseus, and Heracles. By contrast, iSoftBet’s game Olympus Zeus Megaways isn’t quite as original, despite the fact that it uses all the essentials of an Ancient Greek-themed online slot without breaking any ground in terms of innovation. It has all the hallmarks of iSoftBet games, including the Max Megaways multiplier, cascades, and free spins with an x3 multiplier on any wins. There’s little doubt that this configuration can coalesce and rumble off massive outcomes; nobody disputes that, and everyone knows what to anticipate mechanically.

Undoubtedly, their efficacy is difficult to dispute. One explanation for this is the one million coin win limit on Olympus Zeus Megaways. Due to the high cost of each spin (20 coins), this studio’s payouts are significantly larger than average at 50,000x the stake. Perhaps the squad hoped to pay tribute to the presiding deity of the Olympians by naming themselves after him. If so, the huge victory cap, combined with the heavenly scenery, is one of Olympus Zeus Megaways’ most striking features. Zeus’s wild modifier, for example, is effective despite being a seemingly minor feature since, when activated, it guarantees a win and sets off the cascade feature.

When you add it all together, you have a game that is as satisfying to play as it appears to be, that can do great things in theory, and that has a high ceiling for victories. It won’t surprise anyone with its lack of originality, but if you’re looking for a well-designed Ancient Greek slot with solid gameplay, it’s an option to think about.

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